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 Billiards:  Bowser 'Super Mario Bros':  Bulbasaur 'Pokemon':  Cards Against Humanity:  Charmander 'Pokemon':  Clefairy 'Pokemon':  Clue:  Crosswords:  Jigglypuff 'Pokemon':  Jigsaw Puzzles:  Lottery:  Luigi 'Super Mario Bros':  Mahjong:  Mancala:  Mario 'Super Mario Bros':  Mario Kart Series:  Monopoly:  Music of Sonic the Hedgehog games:  Neko Atsume:  Neopets:  New Super Mario Bros Wii:  Nintendo (NES):  Nintendo Wii:  Pikachu 'Pokemon':  Psyduck 'Pokemon':  Sega Genesis:  Sims 2:  Sims 2 series:  Snorlax 'Pokemon':  Squirtle 'Pokemon':  Super Mario Bros:  Super Mario Bros 2:  Super Mario Bros 3:  Super Mario Bros. series:  Super Mario World:  Super Nintendo:  Tetris:  The Sims 1 series:  Toad 'Super Mario Bros':  Togepi 'Pokemon':  Uno:  Wii Fit:  Yoshi 'Super Mario Bros':

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