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 Adopted and Rescued Animals:  African Lions:  Animals:  Arctic Animals:  Baby Animals:  Bald Eagles:  Barn Owls:  Beagles:  Bears:  Bengal cats:  Bengal Tigers:  Bernese Mountain Dogs:  Betta Fish:  Big Cats:  Black Animals:  Black Bears:  Black Bunnies:  Black Cats:  Black Labradors:  Bottlenose Dolphins:  Brown Animals:  Bunnies/Rabbits:  Burmese:  Butterflies:  Cats & Kittens:  Cheetahs:  Clouded Leopard:  Cocker Spaniels:  Dachshunds:  Deer:  Dogs:  Dolphins:  Domestic Cats:  Donkeys:  Eagles:  Elephants:  Equines:  Falcons:  Felines:  Fireflies:  Fish:  Frogs:  German Shepherds:  Giant Pandas:  Giraffes:  Golden Retriever:  Goldfish:  Grey Cats:  Grey Wolves:  Guinea Pigs:  Hawks:  Horse : Black:  Horses:  Jack Russell Terriers:  Jaguars:  Labrador Retrievers:  Ladybugs:  Lemurs:  Leopards:  Llama:  Lynx:  Maine Coon:  Mallard Ducks:  Mastiffs:  Miniature Dachshunds:  Monarch Butterflies:  Northern Cardinals:  Orca:  Panthers:  Peacocks:  Penguins:  Persian Cats:  Pets:  Pigs:  Polar Bears:  Police Dogs:  Pugs:  Ragdolls cats:  Red Fox:  Red Tabby Cats:  Red/Orange cats:  Russian Blue:  Samoyed:  Scottish Folds:  Sea Animals:  Sea Turtles:  Seahorse:  Seals:  Short Haired Cats:  Siberian Huskies:  Siberian Tiger:  Silver Tabby:  Snow Leopards:  Squirrels:  St Bernards:  Starfish:  Swans:  Tabby Cats:  Tigers:  Turtles:  Tuxedo Cats:  Weimaraners:  White and Orange Cats:  White cats:  White Tigers:  White Wolves:  Yellow Labrador Retrievers:

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