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 2001:  24:  Alone Time:  Azure (Color):  Beauty:  Black (Color):  Blue (Color):  Brown (Color):  Colors:  Cool Colors:  Creativity:  Daydreams:  Dreams:  Emotions:  Equality:  Faith:  Gold (Color):  Green (Color):  Grey (Color):  Happiness:  Honesty:  Imagination:  Indigo (Color):  Innocence:  Inside Jokes:  Introversion:  Knowledge:  Loneliness:  Love:  Mauve (Color):  Memories:  Nostalgia:  Olivia:  Pink (color):  Plum (Color):  Purple (Color):  Randomness:  Red (Color):  Respect:  Romance:  Sarcasm:  Silver (color):  Stephanie:  Tiffany:  To Do Lists:  Violet:  Violet (color):  White (Color):  Yellow (color):

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