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 Aladdin & Jasmine 'Aladdin':  Albus & Minerva 'Harry Potter':  Alex O'Connell & Jonathan Carnahan 'The Mummy':  Annette & Sebastian 'Cruel Intentions':  Ariel & Eric 'The Little Mermaid':  Belle and Beast 'Beauty and the Beast':  Cher & Josh 'Clueless':  Cinderella & Prince Charming 'Cinderella':  Danielle & Prince Henry 'Ever After':  Derek & Sara 'Save the Last Dance':  Dylan Sanders, Natalie Cook & Alex Munday 'Charlie's Angels':  Harry & Hedwig 'Harry Potter':  Harry & Neville 'Harry Potter':  Harry Potter & Ginny Weasley Potter 'Harry Potter':  Harry Potter & Professor McGonagall 'Harry Potter':  Harry, Ginny, Albus, James, & Lily 'Harry Potter':  Harry, Hermione, Ron, & Ginny 'Harry Potter':  Harry, Ron, & Hermione 'Harry Potter':  Harry, Ron, Hermione, & Luna 'Harry Potter':  Hermione, Ginny, Harry, Ron, Fred, & George 'Harry Potter':  Jack & Rose 'Titanic':  James, Lily, Remus, & Sirius 'Harry Potter':  Jasmine & Rajah 'Aladdin':  Kathryn & Sebastian 'Cruel Intentions':  Katniss & Peeta 'Hunger Games':  Katniss & Prim 'Hunger Games':  Kaylee & Simon 'Firefly':  Lily & James Potter 'Harry Potter':  Lord Voldemort & Bellatrix 'Harry Potter':  Lupin Family 'Harry Potter':  Merry, Fauna, & Merryweather 'Sleeping Beauty':  Molly Jensen & Sam Wheat 'Ghost':  Molly Weasley & Harry Potter 'Harry Potter':  Neville & Ginny 'Harry Potter':  Pat & Kate '10 Things I hate about you':  Riff Raff & Magenta 'Rocky Horror':  Roberta, Chrissy, Sam, & Teeny relationship 'Now & Then':  Ron & Hermione 'Harry Potter':  Samwise & Frodo 'Lord of the Rings':  Shrek and Donkey 'Shrek':  Simba and Nala 'The Lion King':  Tai & Travis 'Clueless':  Vada & Thomas J 'My Girl':

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