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 Anastasia Romanov 'Anastasia':  Andy Taylor 'The Andy Griffith Show':  Angel : Season 1:  Barney Fife 'The Andy Griffith Show':  BtVS 1x09 'The Puppet Show':  Buffy The Vampire Slayer 'I'll Never Tell':  Characters of Charmed (All):  Cory Matthews 'Boy Meets World':  Danielle & Prince Henry 'Ever After':  Disney Tsum Tsum:  Elizabeth Olsen:  Evanescence 'Like You':  Evanescence 'Your Star':  Fanlisting Collectives:  Flowers:  Jason Scott 'Power Rangers':  Kimmy Gibbler 'Full House':  Kimono:  Lady 'Lady and the Tramp':  Lisa Rowe 'Girl Interrupted':  Lumiere 'Beauty and the Beast':  Odie 'Garfield':  Psyduck 'Pokemon':  Quesadillas:  Romance Novels:  Sky : Night:  Snoopy 'Peanuts':  Suffragettes:  The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air:  The Land Before Time:  Togepi 'Pokemon':  Topanga Lawrence-Matthews 'Boy Meets World':  Yoshi 'Super Mario Bros':

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