About So Little Time


So Little Time about teenagers Chloe & Riley Carlson growing up in California from ages 15-16 (roughly). Their fashion industry parents are Macy and Jake & they are separated. They live primarily with their mother and their housekeeper, Manuelo. The show followed them as they go through the troubles of a teen in high school and usually get into trouble with their friend, Larry, who is hopelessly in love with Riley.

So Little Time aired on Fox Family (which changed to ABC Family 2 months into the run) from June 2001 - May 2002. The show took a hiatus for 4 months during the time of the network change and changed several aspects of the show including adding several new characters. The show spun into a book series and released behind the scenes & bloopers on the VHS and DVD releases. Mary-Kate Olsen was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for her work on the series (2002).

The characters:

Chloe Carlson (played by Ashley Olsen) - Sister of Riley. Daughter of Macy & Jake.
Riley Carlson (played by Mary-Kate Olsen) - Sister of Chloe. Daughter of Macy & Jake
Macy Carlson (played by Clare Carey) - Mother to Chloe & Riley. Separated from husband, Jake. Works in fashion.
Jake Carlson (played by Eric Lutes) - Father to Chloe & Riley. Separated from wife, Macy. Fashion Designer.
Manuelo Del Valle (played by Taylor Negron) - Housekeeper for the Carlson's.
Larry Slotnick (played by Jesse Head) - Friend to Chloe & Riley. Loves Riley even though she rejects him.
Tedi (played by Natashia Williams) - Model. Friend of Macy's.
Cammie Morton (played by Amy Davidson) - Added after the hiatus revamp. Co-worker of Riley & Chloe.
Lennon Kincaid (played by Ben Easter) - Added after the hiatus revamp. Love interest for Chloe.