Name: Jamie
Age: Early 30s
Location: Northeast, Ohio, USA
Nicknames: J, Jookie, James, Sissy
Birthday: February 24th
Job: Working at a local pizza shop as of April 2017.
What keeps me amused: Fangirling, taking photos, making icons, hanging out with friends & family, reading, learning about my family history, glitter, & laughing.

; I dislike scary movies with a passion. Sometimes even the trailers for the movies will freak me out.
; I am really into names. I have collected baby naming books since I was a little kid and I used them to help name my Barbies and assorted dolls. To see my current favorites, click here.
; I love the color blue. If I can own something in blue, I will. I love all shades of it but royal blue & cerulean are my favorite shades.
; I have had 12 pets of my own in my lifetime and all but one were beta fish. Their names have been Mary-Kate (goldfish), Tookie, Hermione, Xander, Cordy, Numfar, Tara, Riley, Drusilla, Angel, Oz, & Sheldon.
; I am horrible at spelling, grammer, and math.
; One of my favorite things to do is to swing on the swing set. You feel so free but it's scary at the same time. /weird
; I like to collect things. I collect Omar Vizquel, Harry Potter, Backstreet Boys, and Mary-Kate & Ashley (not as much as I used to) merchandise. I also collect spoons from various states, autographs, and Funko Pops figurines (my collection!!). My biggest collections are my Shirley Temple movies/books, The Baby-Sitters Club series books, & nail polish.

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