I haven't had that many layouts in my domain's history because I usually like them and then have a hard time changing them.

Version 1:

My Rating: 7/10
My Thoughts: I am not usually into such funky colors but they sort of went with the photo of the sunset I used (taken by me).

Version 2:

My Rating: 9/10
My Thoughts: Blue is my favorite color and I adore this photo of Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen. Plus I love the font the site name is in.

Version 3:

My Rating: 7/10
My Thoughts: I like the purple shades and all the effects I did.

Version 4:

My Rating: 4/10
My Thoughts: This one never made it up because I didn't think people would want to stare at my faces, ha!

Version 4.1:

My Rating: 9/10
My Thoughts: I was just playing around and I came up with this. I wanted to keep the same colors as the layout before so I wouldn't have to re-code all the colors. I ended up really liking it.

Version 5:

My Rating: 7/10
My Thoughts: I wanted to work a bit on my blending and I wanted to use these photos for ages. I love the color combos.

Version 6:

My Rating: 6/10
My Thoughts: I wanted something dramatic to go with the site name. I like the black & blue combo with the randomly colored black & white photo.

Version 7:

My Rating: 9/10
My Thoughts: I was really into this style and I really liked colors together.

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